As a business, your brand and reputation are inextricably linked to your intellectual property so protecting defending it should be a priority.

Fortis Law’s Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers are highly experienced in helping businesses to protect their intangible assets in Australia and overseas.

We know that protecting elements like your logo, your service model and your business name are important in carving a niche out in the market for yourself. We can assist you with registration including identifying and mitigating potential roadblocks.

Our IP law experts can extend the reach of your intellectual property rights into new markets domestically and internationally as your business grows. We will also be proactive in identifying and acting upon potential infringement so you can maintain your brand’s integrity and position in the marketplace.

Should a dispute arise, our Intellectual Property team has been continuously successful when acting for clients who are pursuing a claim or defending a claim brought in relation to all areas of intellectual property law.

Our skilled mediators and litigators know what is at stake, and will work efficiently and resolutely to minimise the impact on your brand and reputation. We have assisted a diverse range of clients with substantive and intricate intellectual property disputes which stretch across all facets of the practice area including patents, copyright, trademarks and licensing.

We can advise you in relation to:

  • advising you about your rights to ownership and registrable designs
  • trade mark registration, application, enforcement, and protection
  • copyright protection
  • counterfeit goods
  • applications for patents in Australia and other jurisdictions relating to new inventions and innovative projects
  • drafting, negotiating, and reviewing licensing agreements on both sides of the spectrum in an intellectual property matter
  • preparing, commencing, and filing interlocutory proceedings and injunctions to prevent others from using or benefiting from your intellectual property and all associated litigation thereafter
  • disputes mentioning provisions contained in the Copyright Act, Designs Act, and Trade Marks Act
  • commercial disputes involving intellectual property
  • misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law
  • IP licences.

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