Fortis Law’s Managing Partner, Pierre Safi, was admitted as a Notary Public in 2003, and has acted in this capacity for the last 17 years.

As a Notary Public, Pierre is authorised to draw up or certify documents in overseas jurisdictions and can also undertake all services of a Justice of the Peace.

Pierre can assist you in relation to:

  • witnessing Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents required for use in other countries
  • witnessing deeds, contracts, agreements, and commercial documents for use here and overseas
  • certifying and authenticating business or personal documents required for use here and overseas
  • verifying identities and signatures
  • taking declarations and receiving affidavits for use here and overseas
  • preparing and authenticating documents relating to land, property and deceased estates overseas and in Australia
  • verification, authentication, and certification of documents relating to intellectual property
  • notarising commercial and regulatory documents such as resolutions, minutes, reports, and corporate governance certificates
  • notarising international investment documents.

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