At Fortis Law, we provide our clients with professional tax advice in all areas of taxation law, tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

We work with a team of professionals from accounting firms to help our clients navigate the regulatory environment and resolve tax disputes promptly and efficiently.

We can assist you in relation to:

  • income tax, capital gains tax and international tax
  • taxation audits, compliance, and failures to lodge tax returns
  • requests from the Australian Taxation Office for information on individual and business affairs
  • objections to tax assessments and decisions by the Commissioner of Taxation
  • taxation disputes with the Australian Taxation Office and Tax Practitioners Board including appeals to the Federal Court, Supreme Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal
  • engaging in settlement negotiations with the Australian Taxation Office and NSW State Revenue authorities
  • advising you in relation to stamp duty and GST
  • the implication of taxation in conjunction with all forms of trusts
  • advising you about the implications of tax through any property and/or financial acquisition and settlement
  • taxation costs associated with re-financing and re-capitalisation.

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