Our team at Fortis Law is patient, understanding and meticulous when preparing wills and estate documents.

We understand the importance of these documents and their purpose of protecting your assets and financial intentions. We also understand the importance of preparing and executing these documents proficiently in order to minimise the risk of a dispute arising during the probate process.

Similarly, our team has seamlessly assisted countless clients with probate applications and grants of probate in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. We will go out of our way to make this process fluid and take the load off your shoulders during this difficult time.

Our estate plans take into account a range of factors, such as the financial implications of taxation, superannuation and capital gains. We ensure that the interests of you and your family are protected both now and in the future.

Your estate and succession plan will be detailed and personalised to protect you and your family, and will incorporate the concepts of trusts, wills, powers of attorney and guardianship as appropriate.

Fortis Law provides the added comfort of storing your documents securely and acting in your family’s best interests if any claim relating to a disputed estate arises. Our team has particular expertise in both actioning and defending claims brought under the Succession Act 2006 (NSW), including challenging or attesting to the validity of a will, revocations or alterations to a will, or whether the terms of a will have been appropriately prepared and constructed.

Our team is also well versed in the process of applying for and obtaining Family Provision Orders in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The purpose of Family Provision Orders is for an eligible person to receive a benefit or amount out of the estate. We understand that this process is daunting and can seem tricky, but our team is experienced in navigating through this process, particularly with the specified time constraints as any application must be made twelve months after the date of death.

Lastly, we have the knowledge, experience, and capacity to advise and act on your behalf in relation to any attorney and guardianship matters that may arise before the Supreme Court of New South Wales or the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

We can assist you in relation to:

  • preparation of Wills and estates documents
  • probate applications and grants of probate and letters of administration in the NSW Supreme Court
  • acting for both claimants and executors and administrators of deceased estates in legal proceedings
  • challenges to the terms of a Will
  • omission as a beneficiary of a Will
  • applying for and obtaining Family Provision Orders
  • applications before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal related to care and guardianship matters such as seeking appointment as a guardian, carer or attorney, or a financial management order.

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