Our experience at Fortis Law covers all aspects of property transactions including conveyancing, commercial property acquisitions, sales, commercial leasing and mortgages.

We enable our clients to minimise commercial risks and undertake property transactions with confidence. We also have substantial experience in commercial property leasing, ranging from small tenancies to multi-storey developments, and in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants.

Our Real Estate & Development lawyers work with our clients on every phase of property development projects – from acquisition of buildings and sites through to development, amalgamation of sites, and sales.

We can assist you in relation to:

  • conveyancing for vendors and purchasers
  • preparation of contracts for sale for single dwellings or multi-storey residential lots
  • drafting and negotiating special conditions and terms to be incorporated into contracts and agreements
  • acquisition of sites or existing buildings
  • agreements with adjoining landowners on development matters including easements, shared facilities, boundary adjustments and co-contribution to the cost of providing services
  • drafting and advising on commercial and retail leases
  • resale contracts and sale of leased premises.

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