Fortis Law’s Trusts lawyers handle complex and commercially sensitive personal matters involving trusts with discretion and commercial acumen.

We guide individuals and families in achieving the right balance between their personal and professional needs. Our skilled team can assist in achieving consensus regarding participation, management, and ownership of family businesses amongst multiple parties including providing mediation where needed.

Importantly, we establish family trusts with clear parameters moving forward to ensure that the legacy you have created endures and continues to provide for future generations.

Our other disciplinary areas such as Taxation, Real Estate & Development, and Family Law all combine to ensure you receive well-rounded advice about each aspect of your trust.

We can assist you in relation to:

  • drafting and preparing trust documents
  • reviewing trusts and advising you about their compliance with any financial and legal requirements
  • advising you about the structure and potential re-structure of trusts
  • liaising with other stakeholders and professionals such as accountants, to ensure your trust is appropriately set up
  • preparing advices tailored to your personal situation
  • outlining the most appropriate form of trust structure for you
  • preparing relevant trust deeds and agreements.

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